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Cel Perry
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Oh, I can write whatever I want here. I couldn't before.

I don't know. Whatever you see uploaded, that's who I am. I've drawn (or otherwise created) art (or whatever you want to call it) for... hoboy, let's see:

Neopets, M*A*S*H, Power Rangers (ad infinitum), The Daily Show/Colbert Report, Glee, Penguins of Madagascar, GI Joe, Transformers, Powerpuff Girls, Star Trek, Lost in Space, and assorted other random stuff. In addition to my original projects (PR!!!/PRE!!!/PRI!!!, UltraS, Risk of Infinity, Ceiling Zero).

This account showcases how I evolved in my art from a dumbass child with dreams of being a manga artist (ha) to a dumbass adult with dreams of... I'll get back to you on that.

My art is not organized well at all. Stuff is everywhere. Kind of like my life.
And so, as the year is drawing to a close, I take stock of myself and see that I've barely done a single drawing all year! 

Well, I'm not surprised. This year has been extraordinarily difficult for me. Between health issues, severe depression and... no, I guess that's about it, creating art has been the farthest thing from my mind. I'm actually a little shocked that I'm still alive, let alone in the mood to create anything. 

...God this year has been hard and sucky. 

I can't promise anything but I HOPE soon I'll have SOMETHING to upload. 

Also Perfect Strangers is the best show ever and has given me true happiness for the first time since 2013. <3


Walking on Sunshine, or Stepping on Dawn
The challenge was "walking on sunshine". So Derese has to "walk on sunshine (Dawn)" to get where she's going. Lawl.

Dawn hasn't changed or evolved an iota since her reinvention in 2006. Well, maybe she has... but if anything, she's worse. Sleeping in the middle of the floor (presumably in a high-traffic area like the living room), leaving her crap everywhere, producing giant cartoon Zs that people could walk into. 

I feel that Dawn is still 21. She hasn't aged, either. She's supposed to be my age but I'm super uncomfortable having Dawn being 31/32 years old and still such a leech. I don't know why. 

I like Derese's expression. It's almost wistful. As time has gone by, I've shipped D/D less and less, and maybe Derese can tell. 
Thomas and Friends Sketches- Truck and Caitlin
OH GOD CELLY! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU NOW?! What are you doing?!?! WHAT?!

Yeah, it's Thomas the #%$^$ Tank Engine. I'm watching that shit every day on PBS. It's in my brain. It's in my soul. So here is some incredibly not show-accurate art of the most random characters I could find: a random Troublesome Truck, and Caitlin, who I love but who is never on the show. 

This show is a lot like Transformers, in that there are 12 bazillion characters and they are all insanely difficult to draw. My heart belongs to James, Victor and Diesel... but who knows if I'll ever draw them. Squares are not my friend. 
VTTBOTS doodles
My attempt at drawing a super-crappy little Flying Sub and an even crappier Chip Morton. Who is flashing a peace sign for some reason.

I find that drawing Chip is a lot like drawing Clint Barlow from Speed Gibson... er, at least my interpretation of Clint Barlow. So it's very... familiar. 
Sunny, Diane and Claudia
Look!!! I actually drew! But you can see I was getting tired for Claudia. Who ironically has the coolest outfit. 
Sailor Saturn
I AM SO OUT OF PRACTICE DOING ART. God this looks bad, but it almost doesn't look bad, which is why I'm uploading it. Also because I actually painted something on the super confusing new Art Academy 3DS app that makes no sense and that I don't understand at all. Too many options.


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